Staff/Team info
Team Administration

Vito Frijia
A local contributer to business and the community, Vito's passion for the game pushed the London Lightning team from an idea to London's first Pro Basketball team.
Taylor Brown
Team General Manager
Taylor's passions for the game and abity to make ideas take form made him the first choice as the teams GM. Vito and Taylor have worked successfully together for many years.
Michael Ray Richardson
Head Coach
Michael Ray Richardson is renound as one of the best Minor league basketball coaches on the globe today. He has played in the NBA for the Nets and Knicks, played all over the world and has spent the last 10 years driving teams to success as a head coach.
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Jackie Cormier
Marketing Manager
With a sports marketing degree and expeirnce with the MLSE Raptors in hand, Jackie made the move from Toronto to London with the goal of making the London Lightning a household name.
Wanda Schneller
Director of Business Development
Lisa Stevens
Director of Business Development